Apply now, if you want to live in our social, academic, cozy collegium located in the very heart of Nørrebro.

Application deadline: The 1st of November 2019
Date of interviews: The 9th and the 10th of November 2019


Room number: 0.05 (suitable for one person)
Available: February 15th 2020
Gross size: 46 m2 (14 m2 net size)
Rent: 3.946,00 DKK per month
The room is ideal for international students as it comes furnished.

Room number: 2.03 (suitable for one person)
Available: December 15th 2019
Gross size: 53 m2 (21 m2 net size)
Rent: 4.514,00 DKK per month

Room number: 2.08 (suitable for one person)
Available: January 1st 2020
Gross size: 58 m2 (26 m2 net size)
Rent: 4.920,00 DKK per month

Room number: 3.07 (suitable for one person)
Available: January 1st 2020
Gross size: 54 m2 (22 m2 net size)
Rent: 4.596,00 DKK per month

Monthly rent is incl. multimedia package (159,00 DKK) & resident quota (50,00 DKK). When moving in a deposit equal to 3 months rent + 1 month’s prepaid rent is charged.

Room number: 0.13 (suitable for two people)
Available: January 1st – May 9th 2020
Gross size: 66 m2 (44 m2 net size)
Rent: 5.570,00 DKK per month
APPLICANTS: You must be enrolled as a student at University of Copenhagen.

THE COLLEGIUM: If you decide to come and live with us you will become a part of a cozy and social community where it is expected of all fellows to participate in and contribute to the activities held at the collegium such as food clubs, parties, cultural events, studying, chilling - among A LOT of other things. Collegium Juris is not just a place to live – it is a home and we will welcome you warmly. To learn more about the collegium and the application process visit our website:

VISIT THE COLLEGIUM: If you are interested in the collegium, and would like to learn more and see the facilities, we offer tours on Thursdays at 18.00 in even weeks (week 8, 10 etc). Please contact us to plan your visit:

APPLICATION FORM: Please fill out the application form ( and send it to