There's a bit of a process for getting into CJ - but don't be daunted!
Here's a quick overview of how we select our future housemates.


The Process


In order to apply for a room at Collegium Juris, you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be enrolled as a student at the University of Copenhagen. If you apply as a couple – at least one of you has to study at the University of Copenhagen.

  • You must have a GPA of 7 or higher (or equivalent on an international scale).

  • You must have passed 120 ECTS points.


If you satisfy our eligibility criteria, the next step is to download and fill out our Application form:



Once you've filled out your application, you'll need to send it along with an Academic transcript from your home University or high school to our Nomination Committee at:


Once the Nomination Committee has reviewed Applications, a shortlist of Applicants will be invited to attend an informal interview. If you can't make it in person, we can hold the interview via Skype. After interviews are complete, offers will be sent out via email.


Tips & Reccomendations


Writing applications can be a little bit daunting, so here's some tips from previous residents for how to show yourself off in the best way:

  • Don't study law? No problem! Although most of our rooms are reserved for law students, we do accept applications from students of all disciplines, so don't let that

  • If you're heading to Denmark from overseas, have a Plan B in place. Sadly we can't find a room everyone who applies, and our deadlines don't quite match up with the KU Housing Foundation's - so it's a good idea to explore some other housing options in addition to CJ until you're offered a room.

  • Don't stress the interview! Interviews are fairly informal and are conducted by current residents of the Collegium, and although we don't have much time we want to use it to get to know you! So relax, be honest, and be yourself!

  • If you're looking for a room and we don't have anything listed on our availabilities page, don't fret! We accept applications at least twice a year (usually a couple of months before each semester) so check back in a few weeks' time and we may have an update. You can keep tabs on us by visiting our Facebook or Instagram.