At Collegium Juris we have a number of committees run by our fellows aimed at making life at CJ a blast - whether it's handling various tenancy needs, organising trips to the museum or party planning! All fellows are part of at least one committee, with sign-up taking place on Fellows' Day each semester. 


Academic Committee

AC makes sure that all the fellows of CJ are stimulated intellectually. The activities AC arranges include quiz nights and talks by fellows who volunteer to give TED-style presentations about their special field of study. Furthermore AC has made an event club that aims to introduce residents at CJ to the cultural institutions of Greater Copenhagen by arranging trips to museums, theatres and more.


Social Committee

The Social committee is the team who actively organize social events making it possible for residents of Collegium Juris to gather together regularly. The purpose of Social committee is to create a sense of togetherness among the students living at the collegium. Events organized by the social committee can be common dinner, parties or common activities outside the collegium etc.


Nomination Committee

This is the committee you need to get past in order to move to CJ. NomCom reads and rates every application that is sent to CJ. It is fellows from NomCom along with our ephor who conduct interviews with candidates and finally decide who should get the available rooms. NomCom also arranges the biannual Open House which gives applicants a taste of CJ life.


PR Committee

The PR committee is responsible for communication with the public and for the promotion of Collegium Juris. Their responsibilities include helping with Open House, managing the website, and social media, and getting the word out about the benefits of living at Collegium Juris. PR committee has recently launched Humans of CJ on the Collegium's Facebook page in order to introduce some of the Fellows to the public.


Internal Affairs

IA makes CJ hold together materially. It is this committee that buys the things needed to make life comfortable at CJ - for instance bins for the washing rooms, new sofas, a grill and so on. The Committee also works on bigger projects such as making a home theatre in the basement, a collection of group photos from the annual party and a small urban garden in front of the collegium.


Birthday & Annual Party Committee

Each semester we have a special party at CJ - in spring we have our Annual party, which starts with a formal three course dinner, includes various speeches and traditions as ends with a massive party. In Autumn we celebrate the birthday of CJ with a huge themed party that includes games, food and dancing. In order to make these big events memorable a special committee is made every semester that solely focuses on arranging these big events!