There are four floors at Collegium Juris, where the number of rooms per floor varies. Each floor has a common kitchen and living room that is situated in the middle of the hall. The location of this area invites Fellows to have a meeting point and it functions as a space for Fellows to hang out, arrange different social gatherings together and study.

Each Fellow has access to refrigerator space, freezer and one cupboard each. Apart from that, the kitchen has ovens and stoves, which creates a good environment for Fellows to cook food. On many floors, it has become a “tradition” to have a food club on the floors where you eat together with other Fellows on weekdays.

In addition to the floors, Collegium Juris has a basement that can be used by all Fellows. The facilities in the basement include washing machines, drying room, common kitchen, activity room and study room. The activity room is a multi-purpose room. It can be used as a common area to play games with people. Also, it is the perfect spot for doing group work with your study mates. If you are looking for place that is not completely quiet (like the study room) but still nice to sit with other people, this is the place to go. At CJ we highly prioritize the academic life, and we therefore have great facilities for studying. Our study-room is a place where you can get your reading done in a quiet environment. The common kitchen can be used by Fellows to host bigger events together. Further we have couches and table tennis, which makes the basement great for hanging out as well.

The Garden

Something that makes Collegium Juris special is the outdoor facilities. Collegium Juris is situated in the heart of Copenhagen – at Nørrebro, which is a hip area full of life. However, the collegium also provides a great environment with nature. Behind the collegium, we have a garden which can be used for barbeques during the summer and outside studying. It is a green area with flowers and benches where you can sit.